In these sessions you are invited to activate and integrate the extensor muscles of your back, with your abdominal flexor muscles. This will restore your naturally erect posture, as well as release back tension and pain

Please turn your chair around 90 degrees, so that you have space in front of you.

Come to sit at the forward edge of your chair

Place your feet at precisely shoulder width distance apart

See and feel that your heels are vertically aligned under your knees

Interlace your fingers and place your hands on the back of your head.

Make sure your hands are not on the neck, but on the back of your head

Let your mouth be a little bit open: this means that your lips are parted, and that your upper and lower teeth do not touch. Breathe freely in and out through your open mouth, to get a clear feeling that you are breathing

If you are thinking that it is not good for you to breathe in through your mouth, you are generally right. It wouldn’t be a great idea to do this on a busy road. However, because most of us, through habit, and through ignorance and misuse of our bodies and selves, enjoy such a small part of our breath and therefore of our life potential, that we cannot feel our breath if we breath through the nose… Interestingly, nature’s own way of making us breathe more deeply is through yawning, which is a reflex action, in which we breath through the mouth…

So for these few moments, it is perfectly fine to breathe through your open mouth, in order to become more intimate with your very source of vitality. So you are sitting with your hands interlaced behind your head, breathing, hopefully, in and out through your open mouth… If you are worried what other people will think of you, great! Keep breathing in and out through your open mouth and within a few moments you will forget all about them. As you breathe out, slowly and gently lower your head with the help of your hands, lift your right leg, and direct your right elbow to your right knee. Don't even try to touch the elbow to the knee, ok? Just gently, slowly, with care, move your right elbow and your right knee a tiny little bit towards each other, as you breathe out, and move them apart, as you breathe in.

Continue to investigate this movement in a rhythm which is very comfortable for you.

As you lift the right foot from the floor, lowering the head with the help of your hands, moving your right knee and your right elbow towards each other, you breathe out, Can you feel that your pelvis rolls a little backwards That your back becomes round That your chest softens If you don't feel all this, that's ok Just keep listening maybe in a few moments you will begin to feel

As you breathe in, through your mouth, which is hopefully still open, The right elbow and knee move apart see if you can feel your pelvis rolling forward, your back straightening, your chest opens.

just see if you can make each movement easier, simpler, slower

wonderful Please stop and rest for a moment. Sit back in your chair, bring your arms down into your lap and take a moment to scan yourself in order to feel any differences between the right and left sides of your body from your feet all the way up to your head.

Come back to sit at the forward edge of your chair. Your feet are flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. Knees vertically aligned above your heels. Interlace your fingers in the non-habitual way: that is, interlace them without thinking, see which thumb is closer to you, change the thumbs position, and move all the other fingers respectively one notch Place your hands behind your head, and this time, as you breathe out, you will lift the left foot of the floor, and slowly and gently direct the right elbow to your left knee, and your left knee to your right elbow. Moving them at the same rate, the same distance towards each other, without any ambition to have them touch, just moving in an easy, simple, playful way,

As you breathe in, the right elbow and left knee move apart, at the same rate, Notice how, when you breathe out and the right elbow and left knee move closer together, your upper body and head turn to the left, and return to the center as you breathe in, elbow and knee moving apart

As you breathe out, elbow and knee moving closer, allow your pelvis to roll back, your back to round, and your chest to soften, as you breathe in, elbow and knee moving apart, your pelvis rolls back, your back straightens, and your chest opens Make sure to place your left foot fully on the floor each time you straighten back to the original position.

By the way: is your mouth still open? Do you feel yourself breathing in and out through your open mouth?

The movements need to be done in a light, easy way, and should not interfere with your breath.

as you breathe out, elbow and knee moving closer – just a bit, not trying to touch! Observe what you do with your left elbow. Do you keep it open sideways? do you bring it forward? What does your left elbow do when you breathe in, and the right elbow and left knee move apart? If that elbow would be free to do what ever it wanted to do, what would it be doing?

becoming aware of what you are doing, so that you can have the choice, the freedom, to do it more easily, in a way that you could enjoy, and therefore would like to do it more

As you breathe out, elbow and knee moving closer, become aware of the middle of your back,

imagine that the middle of your back is pushing something backward, and as you breathe in, imagine the middle of your back pushing a little forward

a few more times

each time more easily, smoothly, comfortabely.

Please stop and rest. Feel your breath, and the way you sit now. Scan yourself from feet to head, noticing any difference between your two sides. Perhaps one side feels larger than the other, lighter, or more alive.

Slowly stand up and walk around and continue to feel the difference between your two sides as you walk.

You can come back and explore the same movements on the other side, in blissful back 2.